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We specialise in Private events and milestone celebrations


We can help you celebrate any occasion.


Every event is different, so as a first step, you’ll be invited to a free consultation to meet with the DJ.

  • During this session you will get an opportunity to discuss requirements and preferences. Genres, artists, albums, and songs you’d like included for your party. A broad overview of timelines involved in your booking (i.e. top 40 at the start of the party, EDM music following from 9PM). We will also go through what equipment will be used, where and when this would be set up at your venue etc.

  • Most aspects of our offering can be customised and can be requested during this initial consultation.

  • Armed with the best equipment in the business, our DJ will provide the best possible set up to get all in attendance on the floor and dancing! VANGUARD’S equipment package includes (but is not limited to):

    • Professional DJ equipment with DJ booth

    • Top-tier sound equipment

    • Lighting for the dance floor to perfectly compliment your night’s soundtrack

    • A fogger /haze machine

    • Wireless microphone

    • DJ services on the day of your event- Our DJ with will arrive no less than 1 hour prior to your event in order to set up all equipment, test sound gear, and ensure all is working as required

    • All our prices are inclusive of setup fees

    • DJ playtime from 4 hours+

    • We know how important it is to hear just the right tracks to really make your night perfect. To make sure you’re in full control, we will also give you access to our free Planning portal where you will be able to select your favourite music. 

    • We will also give you access to our guest request system which will allow your guests to log on to your planning site and make song requests for your event. They will be able to browse the music library, enter their song requests and make comments about the request. This will also allow you to see which guest is requesting which songs which in turn might avoid uncomfortable requests on your special day which might ruin the mood.

  • We will contact you within 24 hours of acceptance of our quote to discuss the best time for us to have the initial consultation.

  • We have a streaming service, so we are open to requests on the night.

  • Opportunity for you to provide a playlist through our planning portal to make sure the DJ doesn’t miss any of your favourite songs.


We specialise in the following events:

  • 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th & 60th Birthday Parties (and anything in between)

  • Housewarming parties 

  • Christmas Parties

  • Halloween Parties

  • Engagement Parties & Wedding Anniversaries

  • Post-formal & Uni Events

  • Kids Birthday Parties

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